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For the first time since I graduated from my PhD, I find myself looking ahead to 2016 actually excited to read books again. I jumped on the first reading challenge I saw, which was the Pop Sugar challenge, and then my friends, Kate and Beth, launched the Diverse Stacks, Diverse Lives challenge on their blog, Stacks Exceed Life Expectancy. I have come across a bunch more challenges, and look forward to discovering new books to read after a period of a few years during which I didn't read much after so long in grad school reading nonstop. But one thing that disappoints me is that very few challenges include many books of poetry on their lists. Many people don't read poetry for a variety of reasons, one of which is, I think, not knowing where to begin. So I have come up with a poetry-focused challenged of 10 books to give people a starting point for poems to read as you build your TBR lists for the upcoming year. I will be updating this post or including a new post with book recommendations, and I also encourage you to consider including poetry books in your other lists. A challenge item such as  "a book by a woman of color" could easily lead you to choose a volume of poetry if you're allowing yourself to consider poetry as an option. The goal of this challenge is to encourage people to simply read more poems, whether you read ten volumes or not. At ten items, this list is by no means exhaustive, but there is a nod toward diversity, and my hope is that the list can be used by advanced poetry readers as well as those who haven't ever read poetry by choice before. If you take up the challenge, please use the hashtag #readmorepoems so we can all follow along and cheer each other on! And feel free to snag the infographic below to share the challenge far and wide!